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Step 1

Account Security


Prior to shipping, our customs compliance specialists retain account security registration information of importers, ensuring a promissory note between the importer and customs agencies exists to secure payment of any related duties, taxes or penalties.

Step 2

Trade Document


Prior to shipping, trade documents are verified for transparency according to the customs tariff ensuring licenses, permits, certificates and other government department requirements are verified by our customs compliance specialists© 

Step 3

Tariff Classification


Prior to shipping, harmonization codes of your goods are screened, and processed with commodity descriptions, and the permits, licenses and certificates related to the goods are screened for compliance. 

Step 4

Landed Cost


Prior to shipping, our customs rater estimates the value for duty and taxes due to customs agencies, by validating the tariff treatment assigned to the goods - some goods are taxable and dutiable while others are tax-exempt and duty-free - request an estimate before shipping. 

Step 5



Prior to shipping, retrieve the shipment identification number assigned by the cargo carrier for your goods, and our release analyst will process an import declaration with customs to streamline the release process prior to arrival.



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Customs Compliance Specialists© streamline your imports, by pre-screening your goods prior to release and account, and ensuring compliance with customs agencies and other government departments in Canada, and the United States.